Anuska is a Singapore-based mixed-media visual artist who delves into the realms of conscious and subconscious exploration. With a keen focus on the uninhibited nature of the subconscious mind, her artistic practice captivates the essence of self-awareness.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from the University of Central Lancashire, Anuska has showcased her work in multiple exhibitions, including an island-wide open studios ‘Walk Walk Don’t Run’ by Grey Projects and the self-organized HEARTH exhibition at Art Outreach. She has also collaborated with a team of local artists for a fundraising community group exhibition at SCAPE. Her artistic journey has been further highlighted through participation in group shows like Pameran Poskad at ION Art Gallery and Fluid Spaces.


Print on transparency/ PVC, floodlight shell, 2023

Synthesis stems from the artist’s fascination with layers, embracing both the tangible and the abstract. This work melds the organic marker-and-solvent technique with a transformed synthetic digitalized form.

By initially using markers on paper, she creates foundational portraits, allowing solvents to shape fleeting images that mirror the enigmatic nature of our subconscious. This exploration transcends boundaries, transitioning into a 3-dimensional realm that blurs distinctions between 2D and 3D, reality and imagination. This work invites viewers to engage in a dialogue that melds the real with the unreal.

Synthesis not only investigates the amalgamation of materials but also beckons the audience to actively participate in this artistic discourse. As visitors immerse themselves in the reflective display, they become an integral part of a conversation that redefines the essence of synthesis.