Bandini Prize 2016

18 February 2016


The Dino Zoli Foundation of Contemporary Art

is a project dedicated to promoting and sustaining Italian culture at home and abroad. An important collection of modern and contemporary art is permanently hosted in its exhibition area. The Foundation is the cultural driver of the business activities listed under the Dino Zoli Group.

The foundation is a private non-profit organization that promotes cultural, educational and scientific events, particularly focusing on heightening the awareness of social issues and respect for the environment.

The Dino Zoli Foundation offers a versatile and polyfunctional space suitable for high profile cultural events, book readings, film screenings, workshops, lectures, and performances.

The entire structure, if need be, can be transformed from a conventional exhibit area into an original expanse for fashion shows, gala dinners and banquets, or a performing arts center that hosts musical events and theatrical performances.


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