(b. 1998, Singapore) is interested in cybernetics, specifically the feedback systems that occur between humans, living organisms and machines. She is curious about how post-human cultures and industrial materials shape the way contemporary society understands itself. Chok often conducts material investigations into familiar and unfamiliar territories, experimenting with different methods of production and installation, exploring the proxy effects materials hold, to transgress the symbolic order.

She currently resides and practices in Singapore, working on exhibitions, commissions and creative projects. Fascinated and excited by interdisciplinary work, she has been involved in various projects ranging from performance arts, fashion and technology, providing creative and conceptual guidance as well as technical fabrication from 3D printing, microcontroller electronics and coding.


Plexiglass, Repurposed Power Cables, Repurposed Steel Reflectors, Silicone Buffer, 2023

Is a sculpture that combines found components from the automotive industry and remixes it with other industrial elements such as steel, acrylic and reflective vinyl. Thinking about the lives and transformations that the components go through; the work seeks to recontextualize the perceived qualities each material holds, such as the toughness and rigidity of steel to the clarity of glass. Using these material as quality associations as manner of recognition, the work also simultaneously aims to reframe them in unseen ways, demonstrating the multifaceted qualities that they hold. Alluding to the title of the work, it hopes to express a feeling where meanings, effects and textures can hold seemingly contradicting moments. Playing with the contrast and form of the components, the freestanding sculpture sees multiple objects in a formation, configured in a manner that creates lightness, darkness, reflectivity and glow.