Iman Sengupta is a visual artist from India with a background in photography and painting. With a MA in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts and an undergraduate degree in Contemporary Art Practices, he uses expanded photography and installation to express his artistic practice.

His art curriculum includes being featured in the MAFA Graduation showcase Rationale for Fables (2023), 1° 18’, 103° 51’ (where have you been?) (2022), and for threads: A Critical Craft Collective Experiment (2023) all showcased at LASALLE, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore. Further, he has been nominated to receive The TAKIFUJI Art Award in Japan.

Iman has most recently displayed his work in The 18th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition (2023) organised by the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre. He currently makes installations inspired by the visual elements of photography to express himself and adapts his ideas to make installations that encompass a feeling of fantasy.


14W Light Tubes, Nylon, Metal Components, Aluminium Floodlight Shell, Dimensions variable, 2023

Anima plays on the mystical interplay of light, space, and the boundless realms of the human imagination. The work delves into the ephemeral nature of light, capturing its fleeting moments of brilliance. Showcased, is the delicate dance between light and darkness, mirroring the impermanence of existence and inviting the viewers to embrace the beauty in transcendence.

In addition to these explorations, is the usage of minor yet valid parts. A delicate fusion of technology and artistry exists within the screws, bolts, latches and other parts of the floodlights. An intriguing world comes to life, where tiny mechanical components metamorphose into vibrant insects, captivating our imagination and challenging our perception of the natural and the artificial. The juxtaposition of fragile insects, symbols of the natural world, with the mechanical rigidity of the components, as they follow the light that has now escaped the husk/shell reminds the artist of a form of symbolism reminiscent of moving from one state to another.

Anima is a state of flux, from body to body.