Jeyasree Chandrakumaran is a Singaporean Artist who holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, which marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey. Her artistic prowess extends beyond her college education. She has swiftly ascended as a talented and dynamic art practitioner, captivating audiences with her diverse portfolio. Her artistic ingenuity encompasses a wide array of mediums, as she fearlessly explores and manipulates various techniques to create awe-inspiring works. With an unwavering commitment to pushing her artistic boundaries, Jeyasree consistently challenges herself with each masterpiece she brings to life.

Cars are the Lights.

Repurposed floodlights, acrylic and spray paint, 2023

The floodlight will be arranged in a gentle curve, similar to the shape of the front portion of an F1 car. Each floodlight will have a top section designed to replicate the sleek body of the car, while the handle will resemble the front bumper. These floodlights will play a crucial role by shining their light specifically on the front part of the F1 car, creating a visual effect that mimics the presence of actual cars.

The idea for this arrangement was inspired by the exciting award ceremonies held during F1 races. In these ceremonies, only the top three finishers are recognized and stand on the podium. Drawing from this tradition, I decided to incorporate three floodlights into the design. Each floodlight represents one of the podium positions, symbolizing the achievements of the top contenders in the race.

By creating this unique formation of floodlights, I aim to capture the essence of F1 racing and evoke a sense of excitement and celebration. The attention to detail in replicating the car’s shape and incorporating the podium symbolism adds depth and meaning to the overall design. It serves as a visual tribute to the exceptional performance and accomplishments of the top racers, while enhancing the atmosphere of any event or space when these floodlights are installed.