Born in 1953, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, Kumari now resides in Singapore. Her works include interdisciplinary genres, paintings, sculptures, and installations.

One of Kumari’s most celebrated accomplishments is her awe-inspiring installation “Anahata,” unveiled at the Singapore Biennale in 2013. This monumental creation, comprised of an astounding 4000kg of saga seeds, captured both critical and popular acclaim.

Kumari’s deep affinity for saga seeds is iconic to her body of work. The saga seed has become a signature element, serving as a poignant symbol of her artistic journey. These seeds, with their profound connection to nature and the environment, hold a special place in her artistic vocabulary.

Beyond “Anahata,” Kumari’s artistic exploration of saga seeds has extended to various prominent locations: in Changi Airport Terminal 3 and at the Gallop Extension of the Botanic Gardens.

Kumari Nahappan’s journey in the art world continues to define her unique artistic voice.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Repurposed Floodlights Natural/Manmade Found Objects, 183 x 100 x 50 cm (x2), 2023

In conjunction with the 2023 Race Week in Singapore, Kumari Nahappan’s “Cabinet of Curiosities” takes us back to our roots with an incredible array of seeds. These seeds serve as poignant reminders of our natural environment’s boundless potential for new life. Each seed’s outer surface acts as a metaphor, often appearing strangely peculiar yet capable of evolving into plants that exude unparalleled elegance. Among them, the 18-faced Rudraksha seed holds significance as a sacred item used by Hindus and Buddhists in prayer. Conversely, the rubber seed symbolises humanity’s dependence, producing essential daily necessities. With a curious call to explore, the Cabinet of Curiosities is ingeniously crafted from repurposed floodlights, which previously illuminated 15 editions of the Grand Prix. This transformation breathes new life into these objects, inviting viewers to retrace the journey of life’s beginnings. Immerse yourself in this captivating world of seeds and rediscover the allure of nature within Kumari Nahappan’s extraordinary creation.