Ker Siang is a designer who considers design as a fabrication activity that makes things up for society. Through research and making, his approach utilises media and technology to propose engagements that examine the interactions among people, values, and cultures.

He has designed heritage benches in Singapore, exhibited an installation in Spain, created an algorithm-driven exhibit piece, and envisioned self-proclaimed heritage artefacts. He has also curated the exhibitions, such as ‘Design Superposition’ at the National Design Centre, Singapore, and ‘Finding Je Ne Sais Quoi’ at 125 Desker Road, Singapore.

He has been a designer since July 2014.

Luminary: A Sustainable Attempt at Preserving Light that has become Unsustainable

2023, Fabric Light Box

The floodlights that once illuminated the Formula One Night Race in Singapore have been displaced by environmentally-friendly solutions. Lest we forget about our journey towards sustainability, the light generated by these floodlights is captured, preserved, and re-illuminated. Transformed into an LED-backlit fabric light box, it now stands as a luminary artifact for future generations to experience the past as they move towards a sustainable future.