Made in Italy© Lost Home, (2017)
site-specific work in which eight beds are lined up, each with trousers thrown on top. The trousers, coming from different parts of the globe, are those worn by the children portrayed in the photographic project Made in Italy.


The over-large trousers, the migrant’s last skin, lie shed on a line of beds in which the apparent order of the staging is flawed and nothing is what it seems. The beds are rickety, their balance is precarious, the migrants’ presence is apparent through their absence; it is merely suggested by the presence of an outer casing. The trousers like a larval moult that remains when the migrant child mutates into a product identifiable by lot, skin and phototype.

“Fabric like a remnant, like a shred and weave, like a social network of belonging and like the wish to appear through fabric threads,” says Sabbagh. Linking closely to one of the Dino Zoli Group’s main activities – textile production – in these spaces the artist stages a western pièce in which the tragedy is invisible because now, in an archaic form, the setting is no longer the theatre, but the whole world.