The Dino Zoli Foundation of Contemporary Art is a project dedicated to promoting and sustaining Italian culture at home and abroad. An important collection of modern and contemporary art is permanently hosted in its exhibition area. The Foundation is the cultural driver of the business activities listed under the Dino Zoli Group.

THE FOUNDATION is a private non-profit organization that promotes cultural, educational and scientific events, particularly focusing on heightening the awareness of social issues and respect for the environment.

The Dino Zoli Foundation offers a versatile and polyfunctional space suitable for high profile cultural events, book readings, film screenings, workshops, lectures, and performances.

The Building

The building is a three story structure consisting of a rectangular floor plan; the main front is symmetrically set: two wings with floor-to-ceiling glass partitions, framed by a lining of dark red porphyry stone pavers separated at the center of the facade creating the entrance to the building of full structural height. Ample parking faces front of the building, with additional parking on the left.

“Drop of Earth”, by Franco Scepi. The suspended installation is dedicated to all the mothers of the Earth, starting with activist Jetsum Pema, sister of the Dalai Lama and “Mother of Tibet”, to whom Franco Scepi donated the project. The sculpture, 4 meters tall, 1,80 meters wide, weighing over one ton, was made according to the methods of ancient Thebes, using a refractory clay and coloured with highly transpiring paint.

Interior Spaces

The spacious art exhibition hall forms a square ring around the internal courtyard, covering a total area of over 900 square meters with an interior height of 3 meters.
Inside, guests can take full advantage of an infrastructure of services including a reception area connected to a bookshop and lounge area furnished with a full service bar and comfortable armchairs, along with an area intended for offices and amenities.

Polyfunctional Space

The left wing of the art exhibition hall is already prepared as a polyfunctional space (300 square meters), that can be used to host meetings and conferences, small-scale musical events, fashion shows, film screenings, private dinners and cocktail receptions. This hall is equipped with a projection screen, stereo sound system and seats approximately two hundred attendees.

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