E’ QUI. A tour of places, people and art

The project, created in the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018), promoted by the Dino Zoli Foundation of Forlì, the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna / Decoration for Architecture Course, the Vittorio Zironi Museum of Textiles and Upholstery of Bologna, the Bologna Museums Institute / Civic Museums of Ancient Art, sponsored by the Emilia Romagna Region and the Municipality of Forlì, is supported by Dino Zoli Textile of Forlì and by the Recooper project in collaboration with the social cooperatives La Fraternità and Arca di Noè of Bologna.

Starting from the words, images and sounds recounted by the young people of the La Fraternità and Arca di Noè social cooperatives, the students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, from the decoration for architecture course, designed the textile patterns of the seats. In the research project, dedicated to housing, the archive of the signs and oral heritage collected during the meetings were reworked graphically into prints with new narratives. E’ QUI, ‘It’s here’, the phrase printed on one of the chairs, made with recycled materials, symbolically represents the relationship that came about thanks to mixing different identities, made of desires, emotions and memories, that inspired the project.

In a constant dialogue between art and design, the exhibition, designed specifically for the Dino Zoli Foundation, offers a fascinating journey through imagination and memory that gives a new approach to the collection of 29 seats.

The memory and relationship space.

Like shelters, the three rooms allude to the possibility of an emotional space where everyone can experience intimacy, even uncomfortable intimacy, by retracing the memory space. The rooms allude to the home as a psychological dimension, a place of expression, a shelter and sometimes the site of a trauma. Through slits, the viewer has difficulty in seeing the rooms, in the same way that it is difficult to relate to others, even those who are close to us and that we love. The slits allow you to listen from the outside and look inside, to see the seats and signs on the walls from which the whole design was born. The rooms echo the dimension of the story collected by the students during the interviews.

The workplace as a second home.

90 items neatly scattered in the first room return the whole colour palette of the 29 seats of the collection on display in the three rooms and in the video room.
The background music consists of sound fragments collected in the workplaces of the young people of the La Fraternità and Arca di Noè social cooperatives of Bologna. The soundtrack of the first room refers to the work and its everyday sounds giving visitors an immersive dimension, a perceptual experience through the vibrations of colours and sound.