Luca Marianaccio

(1986) Agnone (Isernia – Molise).
Resides and works in Pescara (Abruzzo), Italy.

In 2018, his book Spin-off (Design and Editing: Kaspar Hauser, 2017) got a special mention at the Premio Marco Bastianelli in Rome and at the Unveil’d Photobook Award in London.

Castel del Monte, Andria, Italy, 1240

Castel del Monte has an exceptional universal value for the perfection of its shapes, the mystery linked to the rigorous measurement of its design, the harmony and the fusion of its cultural influences from Northern Europe, from the Muslim world and from classical antiquity. It is a unique masterpiece of medieval architecture, which reflects the humanism of its founder: Frederick II of Swabia.

For this reason, in 1996, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee added the castle to the World Heritage List.

The choice of the place of construction of the castle therefore appears to be anything but casual, and not just at strategic level: a hill in the sun all day long, with which the monument seems constantly in relationship.


Castel del Monte, DZE project, 2015

The new external lighting system was created by DZ Engineering to be as least invasive as possible during daytime visits to the Castle, a UNESCO heritage site.

The choice was to illuminate the Castle with projected light, allowing a reading of the construction elements without flattening the perspective view; the shadow, therefore, becomes an element that enriches the visit, arousing curiosity in the visitor without altering the perception of the spaces.

In order to achieve these objectives, a special spotlight LED projector was designed and made to adjust the optics, to locally adjust the emitted luminous flux, to shape the light emission and to avoid glare.

Autodromo di Vallelunga, Rome, Italy, 21st century

The Vallelunga racetrack is an Italian racing car and motorcycle circuit located in Campagnano di Roma. From 12 October 2006 it was officially named after the racing driver Piero Taruffi, who was the design engineer.

It is a very technical circuit appreciated by the top motorcycle and racing car drivers, ideal for testing new racing or road models, technical tests, free trials and events with a large number of competitors.

With the new configuration, the track was approved for Formula 1 practice in 2004, becoming a test centre for various teams. The test activity involves the track during the winter period and sees many different categories taking to the track, such as WTCC, Le Mans Series, FIA GT and Formula Superstars and all national and international championships.


Autodromo di Vallelunga, DZE project, 2017

DZ Engineering has created a new high definition CCTV system dedicated to track safety and set up the new Race Control Room for the race commissioners. In order to increase its own safety level, the Autodrome has subsequently invested in the patented DZe-FLAG electronic flags – the first installation on an Italian circuit – in conjunction with the management system for the traffic light race-starting system.