Thomas Scalco was born in Vicenza in 1987.
After graduating from school, he attended the first level course in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, graduating in 2011.
In 2014 he received his diploma in Painting and Visual Arts from the same Academy.
He was a finalist for the Lissone Prize (2014), was mentioned by the jury of the Ora Prize (2015), winner of the Under30 first prize at the Arteam Cup (2015), winner of the first prize for painting at the Lynx Awards (2016), invited to the 57th Bugatti-Segantini Prize (2017), finalist for the San Fedele Visual Arts prize (2017), selected by the G.A.M of Verona for the Level 0 Prize at Art Verona 2018.
In 2016 he held his first solo exhibition entitled Ossimori [Oxymorons] in the Milanese spaces of Banca Sistema.
In the same year he was invited by I Martedì Critici to participate in the Bocs artistic residency in Cosenza which was then followed by his participation in the inaugural exhibition of the Bocs Museum, curated by Alberto Dambruoso (2017). 2017 was also the year of his second solo exhibition, Il decifrabile languore
della trasparenza [The decipherable languor of transparency] at Villa Contemporanea in Monza, curated by Matteo Galbiati.
Recent exhibitions include: the Arteamcup 2018 at the Zoli Foundation in Forlì, where he was awarded with the acquisition of his work by the Foundation; the Combat Prize, in which he was a finalist; and the solo exhibition entitled La filigrana del vuoto [The watermark of the vacuum] at the Kreis für Kunst und Kultur in Ortisei curated by Gabriele Salvaterra.