The Arts House, Singapore

Photography exhibition

Curated by Nadia Stefanel
Photo by Flavio Mazzi
Historically significant, this photographic exhibition reveals the evolution of Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and is curated by Nadia Stefanel from the Dino Zoli Foundation. She has also worked on past cultural events for Motorsports in Singapore. In partnership with the Foundation, DZ Engineering SRL has presented various shows related to the Motorsport industry since 2017 to bridge Sport and Art in the backdrop of the city’s rich culture.


After two years of hiatus, we could not imagine any other theme to this 2022 event but the Race itself: a motor racing event which is part of the Formula 1 World Championship, which has become part of Singapore’s history as an iconic and important periodical component of culture and lifestyle since its first edition in 2008.


Through 160 pictures, this photographic exhibition explains and illustrates the captivating story of the first Night Race event in all of Formula 1’s history from 2008 to 2019. The author is the Italian photographer Flavio Mazzi, who has become, over the span of four decades, one of the most accomplished photographers in the world of Formula 1. His archive of images includes over 450 Formula 1 Grand Prix, team launches, spanning from private factory glimpses, exclusive VIP F1 events and several other racing details.

The exhibition includes around 30 panels, 2 or 3 for each year. The 160 photographs selected from Flavio Mazzi’s archive capture the most remarkable moments from 2008 to 2019. DZ Engineering SRL’s board has chosen these images specifically because they describe all the outstanding instants of the motor racing competition with pilots, cars, teams and awards and because they show the background of the event with more intimate shots. They reveal the details of the complex world that revolves around the Race itself, which is made up of workers, photographers, marshals and audience.

It is a way of being fully immersed in the Race itself.

The flow of panels is continuous.  Some of the photographs have been printed on Fine Arts paper while others are part of the wallpapers, to allow for a proper understanding of their subjects.

The Project is supported and promoted by the Italian Embassy in Singapore, EuroCham, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and Italy-ASEAN Association.

This exhibition has been selected by STB and GPSS for the official programme of the F1 GP.

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