SINGAPORE, 6 SEPTEMBER 2023 — Amidst the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023, a silent revolution unfolds – art rejuvenates the night. DZ Engineering SRL, in partnership with Signify, is reshaping motorsport lighting with an eco-conscious approach. This transformation goes beyond adopting eco-friendly LED floodlights, enhancing visibility while cutting energy consumption by 30%. Witness this luminous revolution in “Art in the Night Race, The New Floodlights,” an exhibition from September 13th to 19th, 2023, at The Arts House in Singapore, illuminating a greener future for the sport.

Image Credit: Art in the Night Race, The New Floodlights Exhibition

Art That Illuminates Sustainability
“A Project of Art in the Night Race, The New Life of the Floodlights” transcends mere exhibition status; it embodies environmental consciousness, orchestrates a symphony of creativity, and stands as a testament to the power of transformation. Guided by the hands of ten exceptional local artists, this project breathes fresh life into retired floodlights, sparking an artistic renaissance that is as eco-friendly as it is awe-inspiring.

Jitender Khurana, Country Head and Managing Director, Signify Singapore, said “Signify is proud to be the main sponsor for this exhibition. It is a meaningful close to our floodlights that have reliably lighted up the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix for 12 years- a pivotal component of the night race. Now, with the new LED floodlights, we are ushering in new possibilities from our solid partnership with DZ Engineering SRL. The exhibition showcases the journey and impact on how a simple switch of lighting can pave the way to support sustainability, illuminating the racetracks towards a greener future.”

Image Credit: Anuska Sakar’s “Layers of Consciousness”

Ten Unique Artists, Ten Unique Visions
Ten extraordinary artists, each chosen for their unique perspectives and artistic prowess, embark on an exhilarating journey to transform discarded floodlights into captivating works of art, each reflecting their distinctive style and background.

  • Anuska Sakar challenges perceptions and identities in “Layers of Consciousness,” merging digital and hand-drawn art to delve into the depths of the mind.
  • Elena Lo Giudice disassembles floodlight components in “Anatomy and Soul of a special piece,” creating abstract, thought-provoking images that infuse sustainability with artistry.
  • Jeyasree Chandrakumaran captures the essence of podium achievements by sculpting floodlights into a curve reminiscent of an F1 car’s front.
  • Kumari Nahappan stacks floodlight components into twin columns, resembling the doors of a mystical wardrobe in “Cabinet of Curiosities,” symbolising rebirth and our connection with nature.
  • Victoria Hertel repurposes broken tempered glass from floodlight panels to create hand-blown glass vessels, connecting the racetrack and the audience through an olfactory experience in “Nocturne.”
  • Yeo Ker Siang creates an LED-backlit fabric lightbox, preserving and re-illuminating the light generated by the floodlights as a luminary artefact for future generations.
  • Daniel Chong’s “A resumption” signifies a start after a pause, celebrating a changing of seasons using the sleeping body of the old floodlights as a vase with an ikebana floral arrangement of new lights, symbolising rebirth.
  • Ashley Hi’s “Blinker Sink” consists of kinetic sculptures manipulating light’s dappling ability, demonstrating different tempos of light and the stretching and compression of time.
  • Iman Sengupta’s “Anima” delves into the mystical interplay of light, space, and the boundless realms of the human imagination.
  • Chok Si Xuan’s “Permeance” plays with the contrast and form of floodlight components, creating a freestanding sculpture that holds seemingly contradicting moments, reflecting lightness, darkness, reflectivity, and glow.

Image Credit: Victoria Hertel Crafting Her Artwork

A Kaleidoscope of Techniques and Mediums
The artists have approached the floodlights with extraordinary diversity, utilising various techniques and mediums. Some have assembled multiple floodlights into stunning sculptures, like Kumari Nahappan’s masterpiece, while others, such as Iman Sengupta, meticulously dismantle floodlights, showcasing each component down to the smallest detail.

Moreover, certain artists, such as Victoria Hertel, ingeniously use specific parts of the floodlights or the entire structure itself to craft their artworks, creating a sensory experience.

From Creative Vision to Masterpiece
The exhibition is not just about art—it is a carefully orchestrated symphony. Curated by Nadia Stefanel, Director of Dino Zoli Foundation, who has worked on numerous cultural events of motorsport in Singapore, the exhibition evolved step by step, from artists’ portfolio to the realisation of their imaginative creations. The result? A harmonious display of works that converse with each other, celebrating the transformative power of creativity through three lenses: Illumination, Transformation, and Symbolism.

A Transformative Exhibition: Impact on Motorsport and Sustainability
“A Project of Art in the Night Race, The New Life of the Floodlights” is poised to change the way we perceive motorsport and sustainability. It’s not merely an exhibition but a movement that calls on us to reevaluate the environmental footprint of motorsport events. By repurposing old floodlights into remarkable artworks, this exhibition showcases the potential for sustainable practices within the motorsport industry, sparking conversations about the importance of eco-conscious choices and their impact on our planet.

Roberto Grilli, General Manager of DZ Engineering SRL, said, “With this cutting-edge switch to LED, Marina Bay Street Circuit takes another leap
forward, reshaping the nocturnal face of motorsport with its innovative and sustainable brilliance. Under the deft mastery of ten visionary local artists, I am profoundly glad to witness his initiative reincarnate the Signify floodlights that were once my choices during the 2007 lighting design phase of the Singapore F1 race. Undeniably, this is an inspiring reminder of how our reverence for the past can intersect with our commitment to the future, creating a vibrant tapestry of memories under the glow of these resplendent art pieces.”

An Exhibition with Global Impact
The collaboration has garnered substantial support, with contributions from Signify, Singapore Tourism Board, Embassy of Italy, EuroCham, Arina Holding Pte, CISS, Ashley Edison, Riello UPS, Sinora, E&E, Aggreko, Sonepar, Hawksford and Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. The exhibition’s presence in the official programme of Grand Prix Season Singapore 2023 (GPSS) and support from LASALLE College of the Arts, University of the Arts Singapore (LASALLE), Art Galleries Association Singapore, and Art Outreach Singapore demonstrate the exhibition’s

The new Ambassador-Designate of Italy to Singapore, Dante Brandi, commented, ”The Singapore Night Race is an unmissable event not only for motor fans. We are thrilled that in addition to the renowned motorsport brands, Italy is also represented by DZ Engineering, providing the track illumination with cutting-edge technology LED lights, more sustainable and more efficient. I am also really proud of the initiative of Dino Zoli Foundation, to bring the discarded floodlights of the previous edition to new life, through the recycling art project for Contemporary Art, involving 10 prominent local artists in different upcycled artistic creations. Our Embassy is glad to support this initiative, which combines creativity with environmental sustainability and enhances collaborations between the Foundation and local universities and art institutions.

Exhibition Information
Exhibition Run: 13 September to 19 September 2023
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm
Location: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429
Admission: Free

Note: The vernissage night on 13 September 2023 will be held exclusively for authorities, sponsors, and VIP guests


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Anuska Sarkar, Synthesis


Elena Lo Giudice, Anatomy and Soul of a special piece

Kumari Nahappan, Cabinet of Curiosities

Yeo Ker Siang, Luminary: A Sustainable Attempt at Preserving Light that has become Unsustainable

Victoria Hertel, Nocturne, 2023

Iman Sengupta 1 square

Iman Sengupta, Anima