Nearly 300 girls in the second year of middle school will take part in the 2018 edition of the initiative, organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna – Forlì-Cesena and Rimini to be held Thursday 26 April


Girls’ Day is back. It is an initiative, promoted by the Romagna Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the trade associations and with the patronage of the Regional Education Office of Emilia-Romagna, that offers female pupils in their second year of middle school the opportunity to get to know local companies and experience the world of work in businesses from the inside.

The objectives of the project are to encourage and strengthen the confidence of girls, directing them toward professions that offer job opportunities consistent with the needs of local businesses, even in non-traditional sectors, stimulating them to work to their own talents and abilities.

20 schools from the two provinces will participate in the 2018 edition, requesting and obtaining the resources necessary for around 300 girls.

The pupils will visit the offices and production centres of the companies accompanied by a tutor who will explain the company’s activities, organisation and projects to give them an overview of procedures, times and mode of work.

The experience will then be shared in class and presented during the ceremony, in the presence of the authorities and the press, with the award of certificates of participation and the screening of a video made during the day in the company; on Saturday 26 May there will be the local Prizegiving ceremonies for the girls and businesses.

Almost 80 entrepreneurs and local authorities will open their premises to share their know-how, hosting a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 18 girls.

”As an entrepreneur I strongly believe in the connection between school and the world of work as an educational and formative stimulus; for this reason I have hosted girls and boys for internships and I enthusiastically joined this initiative,” declared Fabrizio Moretti, Owner of Colorificio MP and Chairman of Rimini Chamber of Commerce. “We entrepreneurs, along with institutions and schools, can do much to let girls and boys become familiar with the world of work, helping them to appreciate both intellectual and manual tasks. It is important that, through this experience in a company, they gain an awareness of the fact that the entrepreneur is first and foremost a person and that his is a collective project that requires the contribution of all the workers. Furthermore, the Girls’ Day can help young students build up confidence in their abilities and guide their future choices with regards to studies and work with a broader view of their potential and interests.”

“The Girls’ Day,” stated Maria Giovanna Briganti, Director of the Chamber of Commerce, “is one of the first opportunities for girls to get to know companies up close and to understand that self-employment is a job opportunity and as such should be taken into consideration. The Romagna Chamber of Commerce believes in the importance of orientation and doubles its commitment this year with the Job Day this autumn – a day dedicated to work and entrepreneurship for high school students aimed at experiencing the working environment through job shadowing and direct observation. We are also dedicated to promoting high-quality school-to-work projects: on 11 April in Rimini the Alternanza Day was held, an event dedicated to projects that promote the ‘learning by doing’ experience, and it will be repeated in Forlì on 10 May.