The inauguration of the exhibition of the winners of “1502-Young Artists Award- Romagna Biennale _2017” will take place on Saturday 21 October 2017, at 6.30 pm. The event is organised by [dif-fù-sa contemporary] and by the Department of Culture and Youth Policies of the Municipality of Forlì, with the participation of the Union of Municipalities of Romagna (around Forlì) and promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region, with the media-partnership of Lazagne magazine and sponsored by the Dino Zoli Foundation and Formula Servizi per la Cultura.

The exhibition will be presented at the press conference scheduled for Saturday, October 21st, 11.45 am at the Oratory of San Sebastiano. The City Councillor Elisa Giovannetti, the Director of the Culture and Museums Service of the Municipality of Forlì Cristina Ambrosini, the Head of Youth Policies Patrizia Pantoli, the President of the association [dif-fù-sa contemporary] Elena Dolciniř and the winning artists will be present, and journalists are invited to attend.

Noa Pane (Rome, 1983), Adriano Valeri (Milan, 1987) and Silvia Bigi (Ravenna, 1985) topped the rankings of this 1502 edition. The winners were selected by a commission with members from different professional sectors in contemporary art, who agreed in their evaluation of these artists’ works. Paola Capata, Selva Barni, Davide Ferri, Matteo Zauli and Luca Coser wished to reward representative coherence, experimentation, the quality and the scenographic impact of the works presented by the artists, who will take part into a collective exhibition at the San Sebastiano Oratory.

The works of Pane, Valeri and Bigi can be seen from the opening day on October 21st, (6.30pm) to November 12th; the exhibition, curated by the association [dif-fù-sa contemporanea] and by the artists, presents the three winning works, together with other works sharing a common thread, that enhance a narrative and visual development of the theme of the ephemeral. Visitors will enjoy a closer look at the artistic production of the three exhibitors.

On this occasion, the Oratory of San Sebastiano hosts a variety of sculptural media-installations, video-photography and paintings. The challenge is not only to dialogue with the Renaissance style of the building, but also to enhance visitors’ approach to a contemporary language that will be the distinguishing feature of this location that stands beside the Church of San Giacomo and the San Domenico Museum complex.

This is the goal of the association [dif-fù-sa contemporanea], which has been working for the spread of contemporary art in the area since June 2016, through the organization of exhibitions, art projections, conferences and more. Roughly thirty artists from all over Romagna took part in 1502, the association’s latest project. Noa Pane, Adriano Valeri and Silvia Bigi were selected from among the participants as the best representatives of a contemporary expression of the ephemeral, showing mastery of technique, individuality and the expression of continued and coherent enquiry.

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Noa Pane, born in Rome in 1983, travels between her home in Novafeltria and Nuremberg, where she studies. She attended the Accademia d’arte in Urbino, Italy, specializing in environmental sculpture. She has been accepted by the Royal College of Art, London, where she will follow a master’s degree in 2018. She recently participated in a collective exhibition, projects for Art, held at BASE in Florence. In 2015 she presented the performance “I’mnotinflatable” at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin. She investigates the female role and the perception that women have of themselves in a society in which conservative, almost ritual, gestures dominate and tend to perpetrate gender differences that are not always positive.

Adriano Valeri, born in Milan in 1987, lives and travels between New York and Cesenatico.
He studied at the Accademia d’arte in Venice, where he participated in various workshops and residencies, including one at the Bevilacqua Foundation.
He has exhibited in various group exhibitions and fairs and is represented in Italy by the Galleria Marcolini of Forlì.
His artistic investigation is a detailed, a-critical description of the urban and suburban reality, in which he positions natural elements and human objects side by side. His painting is a partial mimesis of the visible, which he expresses with chromatic estrangement techniques.

Silvia Bigi was born in Ravenna in 1985, where she lives and works. She graduated from the Dams of Bologna and obtained a master’s degree in photography at the Centro Sperimentale Adams in Rome. She furthered her studies at the ICP in New York. She was artistic director for three years at Lilith, a space for contemporary photography in Ravenna. Her languages of choice are photography and video, which she uses to question temporal and social dynamics. Women portrayed by the artists as sometimes dreamlike and romantic or by contrast, formal and sensual, often play a central role in her work.

Info dell’evento:

Collective exhibition of Noa Pane, Adriano Valeri and Silvia Bigi for 1502
Location: Oratorio San Sebastiano, Forlì
Inauguration: Saturday 21st October, 6.30pm
Dates: 21st October – 12th November 2017
Hours: Thursday and Friday 9.30-12.30am and 3.30-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 9.30am-7pm


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